The people behind it

Hermann Aebischer
Hermann Aebischer Swiss Embassy Representative
Hermann Aebischer was posted to London in summer 2014 as the new Counsellor & Consul General at the Embassy of Switzerland, arriving from Berne. He was born in Fribourg (FR), educated in Switzerland, is married and has three grown up children. He joined the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) in 1980 and has been appointed to posts in South America, South-East Asia, Europe, Northern America and at head office in Berne. He acts as the representative of the Embassy of Switzerland on the Swiss National Day London Committee and within other Swiss organizations in the UK.
Fabrizio Bucher
Fabrizio Bucher Committee member
Fabrizio Bucher, born and raised mainly in the UK, went to the European School near Oxford where he completed his Baccalaureate. He then went on to work for the Thames Valley Police in 2006. In 2007 he decided to further his education so moved to Lugano, Switzerland where he studied an Agronomy degree until 2010. Having completed his degree, Fabrizio returned to London and, coming from a property development background, worked in the property sector. Fabrizio Bucher has begun a new venture working at the Embassy of Switzerland in London from March 2016.
Ian Giuliani
Ian Giuliani Venue Manager
Ian Giuliani of Ticinesi descent has been the President of the Unione Ticinese di Londra for the past five years. During this time his policy has been to serve the original Ticinese membership (mostly Bleniesi and Leventinesi); encourage membership from Ticino, in respect to those indigenous Ticinesi who have close family connections with the UK; and particularly to encourage participation in the UT by contemporary Ticinesi migrants (generally professionals working in London), via a range of cultural and social events. Ian Giuliani, although running an architect's practice in the UK, maintains close working links with Ticino via his involvement with a small family farm in Valle di Blenio.
Carla Maurer
Carla Maurer Swiss Church Representative
Carla Maurer is from the beautiful medieval town of St.Gallen. She studied Reformed Theology in Bern and Heidelberg and is the Minister of the Swiss Church in London since June 2013. Carla previously worked for the Conference of European Churches in Strasbourg before she settled in the British capital with her partner Julian Simmons, a London based music producer. Carla is also a member of the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women where she is responsible for the young women’s program and organises the first European Pop Up Monastery. In her free time, Carla does yoga and loves going to museums and theatres which make her almost forget how much she misses the Swiss Alps for hiking and skiing and the deep blue lakes for a refreshing swim.
Roland Minder
Roland Minder Honorary Treasurer
Roland Minder was born and educated in Switzerland. After studying commercial and business studies in Lausanne, he joined Switzerland Tourism in Paris in 1978. He moved to the UK in 1980 and worked for Switzerland Tourism in London in marketing and as deputy director for 33 years, during this time he also was the FOSSUK (Federation of Swiss Societies in UK) treasurer for several years. He retired from Switzerland Tourism in December 2013. In March 2015 he joined the SNDL committee as honorary treasurer.
Daniel Pedroletti
Daniel Pedroletti Chair
Daniel Pedroletti was born and educated in Switzerland. After studying business and working for a health insurance fund in Lausanne, he moved to the UK in 1968. In 1969, he briefly worked in the City for an insurance broker and underwriters at Lloyds. He joined the staff of the Embassy of Switzerland in London in January 1970. After 33 years at Montagu Place, he took up a managerial post with the Federal Department of Finance, Swiss Compensation Office, in Geneva as Head of the Contributions Section. He retired in February 2008. He is a long-standing member of several Swiss clubs and is currently the President of the New Helvetic Society.
Marc Peter
Marc Peter Website, Social Media, Designer and Coordinator 
Marc Peter was born and educated in Switzerland, completing a Typographic Design Diploma in 1990 and an apprenticeship at Ringier Holdings in 1992 from where he moved to Zürich, practising as a freelance graphic designer. Marc moved to London to complete an MA Interactive Media (University of the Arts) in 1999, the same year that his first book, Flash 4 – Interactivity by Design, was published. Industry magazines in Switzerland, Germany and the UK have consistently published Marc’s comment and articles. Marc frequently teaches short courses on interactive design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst and Online Labor in Zürich. Marc is the Creative Director of on-IDLE, a design and web development agency he co-founded with his now wife in 2000 and is a long-standing member of the City Swiss Club.
Ursule Thurnherr
Ursule Thurnherr Fundraiser
Ursule Thurherr was educated and brought up in the German and French parts of Switzerland. She graduated in economy and politics and had various work periods in Europe, US and the Middle East. She made London her home in 1979 and settled with her family in the UK a few years later. Her main areas of work are troubleshooting, re-organising companies, setting up companies in the UK and ultimately mentoring of start-ups.
It was a great honour for Ursule to become the first woman member of the City Swiss Club over 20 years ago and recently to become a member of the board.
Languages are her passion, as is travelling by alternative means of transport, especially in the Middle East.
Sabrina Wirz
Sabrina Wirz Secretary
Sabrina Wirz was born and educated in Switzerland. After studying Marketing and Corporate Communications in Zürich she worked for an advertisement agency and PET-Recycling Schweiz.  In July 2012, Sabrina left Switzerland and moved to London where she is now working as a Digital Marketing Manager. Outside of work, she enjoys travelling - recent favourite trips were to Madagascar, the Galapagos islands and Vietnam, meeting new people and being involved in the Swiss community, for instance organising events for the City Swiss Club.